Well...sort of.

See, I didn’t set out to start the Grace Marketing Group™ (formerly Grace Everitt Consulting).

I had always intended to go into business for myself, because as a serial entrepreneur, I KNEW that’s where I’d end up.

But it was always ... “later.”

I’ll go into business for myself ...“eventually.”

“One day” I’m just going to say “I can't take this. I’m opening my OWN company!”


As it happens, “one day” turned out to be sooner than I thought.

My mission in life has always been to help people.

Turns out, it's pretty simple:

I find fulfillment in helping others become the BEST they can be.

Real marketing is about helping people solve problems.

I get excited by helping others find opportunities for improvement--with a swanky new website, an amazingly effective email marketing campaign, or a streamlined (read: WAY EASIER) social media plan.


Most of all, I understand that a rising tide lifts all boats: helping others achieve success brings the same to me.

Over the years as I built and accelerated half a dozen other companies, I had run into plenty of other marketing people. I was fortunate to learn from a few great ones that remain an inspiration. These guys are determined to fight the good fight against the “sleazy marketer” image this industry can suffer from.

Others? Others were full of shit.


I couldn’t stop myself from rolling my eyes at the stuff they spouted. They were all the same--fake, sales-y, gimmicky, up to their eyeballs in buzzwords, and ultimately more smoke-and-mirrors than anything else. 

That's not what real marketing is about. 

I didn’t have time to waste as I was developing these brands, and I swore that if I ever went into business for myself I would NOT drink the kool-aid.


I would be true to my values: helpful, obsessed with improvement, honest, hardworking, and above all...authentic.

I'm proud to have built a company based on those values, and my clients agree.

How can I help you improve?



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This Was An Accident.

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